Hotel Guests + Members, Sip + Sun(days) are for you!

Join us for music by DJs each Sunday afternoon from 2-5pm. Soak up the season, see friends, eat + drink, and relax by the Pool.

June Sip + Sun(days)
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Luxury Travel — June 2022 Lead Image

Luxury Travel — June 2022

June 14, 2022 See All

"Troutbeck, the Hudson Valley estate hotel announces the opening of Benton House: 13 newly renovated guest rooms, each with private outdoor space. Set in a bend of the Webutuck River, six ground floor rooms enjoy direct access through individual and private porches —screened in summer and glass-enclosed in winter, providing secluded living spaces that offer a suite-like feel. Upper floor guest rooms boast private terraces, comfortably appointed, with bucolic views of the river and abundant natural landscape."

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